My background..


This is what I've always wanted to do and be, however, after a studying for a degree in Psychology in my early 20's, my career began in Local Government, leading on Policy and Research and social exclusion - I studied further and gained a postgraduate qualification in leadership which I found fascinating.


I made the move into the NHS in 2011 and led on national strategy at a senior level and headed up Transformation for a large acute Trust.


In 2014, I had my own 'falling down' experience and a panic attack on the London Underground where I was convinced I was having a heart attack. It led to me being signed off work with stress for 4 weeks.


I made a decision in those 4 weeks, to make my dream of being a Psychotherapist happen, and it was that one decision in 2014 that really changed the course of my life and led me to where I am today.


I studied alongside work and family and gained my licence to practice in 2015 and Bringing Sparkle Back was born. Initially my 'side hustle' until I quit the 9-5 in 2017 to do this full-time.


This is my passion. 

My Story


I have faced a lot of hardship and trauma in my 40 years, which is a story in itself, and perhaps a story one day I might share more of - and it's that story that has made me the person I am today.


Those experiences have given me an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that has filled me up with compassion. I understand the curve balls that life can throw at us, often in quick succession, and how they can knock us down and leave us in a dark place.

I really do understand the challenges and inequalities that women face, and recognise why women are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience a mental health issue. 

I've been a young single parent. I'm now a parent in a blended family AND embarked on motherhood all over again so have children across the age spectrum from pre-school to university!

Women experience life differently to men and I wanted to create a space for women where we can champion you and your stories.


This is my speciality.

We all have a story

Everyone I work with has a story that has defined them.


But often, it's their story that is holding them back. The impact of things that have happened early on in our life can show up in our present lives in many different ways, affecting our ability to form relationships, our happiness and our sense of how of lovable or worthy we are.

I will sit with you in the dark and listen and help you make sense of your story. I help you own it, gain meaning from it, embrace it and start writing the next chapter with a whole new mindset. 


My job is NOT to fix you, because you are not broken.


My job is to help you understand you. To show you how your mind is wired to think, feel and behave. To show how what drives your thoughts. Where that inner drive comes from and how it was created.


Then I help you rewrite it. 


And that's when the magic of transformation happens, because once you understand that you hold the power, and that you CAN change what drives and feed your thoughts, and we start to put that cognitive change into action - the results are transformational.


You hold the power. I enlighten you and show you how to fully embrace it, in every aspect of your life. 


It's a winning combination

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