Right here, right now.

All we ever have is right here in this moment.

The past is all but a memory, stashed away in the functional parts of our brain that we associate with the various types of memories we are able to store.

The future has yet to happen, and right now is an anticipated event, shaped by your own thoughts and actions and the memories you’ve stored from past events and experiences.

The thoughts that you give your energy to, and choose to focus on are the ones that effectively shape your future – a future that is yet to happen. Those thoughts you give your energy to establish themselves firmly into your story in real time.

What you think, you become.

Learning how to select those thoughts, the ones from the thousands of thoughts you have each day, thoughts that then become part of the narrative of your story, means taking on the role of being your own editor in chief.

And when anxious thoughts take hold, the overthinking they trigger and the energy then directed to those thoughts can be exhausting, and self-sabotaging.

Making those thoughts conscious, means dissecting them and taking some control over them.

A good place to start is asking yourself these 3 questions:

1. Is what you are worrying about something you have the power to control?

2. Is what you are worrying about something you have the power to solve?

3. Is what you are worrying about likely to happen?

Remember that you hold the power over your thoughts and that your time is right now.

Right here, right now and in this very moment.

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