The Therapy Bank

The Therapy Bank is committed to investing in women with funded access to therapy, to empower and support those women who are most in need.

I have a recurring inner conflict as a psychotherapist in private practice – the fact that it’s not accessible for ALL women, especially given the fact that women are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience a mental health issue in their life time.

On a personal level I’ve attempted to counteract that by helping as many women as possible who are in need, but who cannot afford therapy by offering my help on occasion, completely pro-bono, or on a sliding affordable scale – when and where I am able to, and I’ve dedicated my career so far to psycho-educating as many women as I can – unpaid across the media, on the radio and my social platforms.

The wider issue here, however, is the distinct lack of quality, accessible, women focused mental health support in our NHS, coupled with a lack of choice.

Every woman should have access to that, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, and this isn’t new.

In 2021 a kind donor approached me, herself wanting to ‘give something back’ and deposited 10 funded sessions into the Therapy Bank, which gave this idea of mine a kick start. This initial donation has already begun to make a difference to a woman in need.

I hope that #thetherapybank is something I can continue to progress in 2022, supporting and empowering those women who are most in need – matching the funding and donations to women most in need.

If you would like to donate into The Therapy Bank please click here.

Once further funding is in place, the option to apply to the Therapy Bank for funded sessions will open.

*I recognise that everyone should have access to therapy, however, my expertise and specialism is focused around women.


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