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Hello, I am Catherine Asta.

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About Me

I am Catherine Asta.

Psychotherapist and impassioned champion of women and their stories, with an unequivocal specialism in ‘Bringing Sparkle Back’.

I’ve transformed hundreds of women and have spent thousands and thousand of hours inside the minds of women.

I’m UK based, Yorkshire to be precise, but with a global client base, and a featured expert across the BBC and the media.

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Why work with me?

I'm a person centered therapist and I use an integrative and compassion focused approach - a combination of Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Psychodynamic and Narrative approaches - and all with a huge dollop of compassion.

Add to that my skills as a BIG thinker (I'm an ex-NHS Strategist) which when combined is really powerful stuff.

I am licensed to practice with the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) and was awarded a Fellow in 2019 for outstanding commitment to my profession.

I have a degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Effective Psychotherapy and CBT, a PGCert in Leadership and will graduate from Leeds University in 2021 with an MSc in Psychology.

I'm also a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

You might have noticed that I also have a thing for colour and dressing happy, as well as rocking a vibrant red lip, and my statement earring game is strong.

This is me.

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My Work

From individual therapy, to mentoring and sharing what I know, explore the ways you can work with me.

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My Evidence Bank

“Your infectious optimism; your zest for the joy in life; and your ardent faith in the very best in all of us, is truly contagious. When we started out together, your clinic branding was “bringing sparkle back”, and that’s truly no exaggeration. Your particular brand of sparkly magic saved my life – and for that, I will be forever grateful”

“Catherine isn’t just a psychotherapist, she genuinely offers life transforming change. I don’t say this lightly. Therapy isn’t just if ‘there’s something wrong’, it’s something EVERYONE should do. I can’t recommend Catherine enough. If you’re at a crossroads, feel stuck, fed up of anxious thoughts or just want to be doing more with your life. PLEASE get in touch with Catherine It will be the best thing you do.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart Catherine.”

“Catherine has been the guiding light I needed to get me out of my very negative dark hole. I can’t thank Catherine enough for everything, she has helped me to find a sparkle that I didn’t know I ever could have, I will be forever grateful for all of her support and guidance. Catherine is a truly sensational woman, her therapy has been life changing for me and I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need support and someone to talk to.”

“Thank you so much for the transformational journey you facilitated over the last 12 weeks. I came feeling broken, highly anxious, mildly depressed, tearful, angry and unhappy to now feeling I have my sparkle back. According to friends I even have a twinkle in my eye. You have a very practical, warm and instantly applicable approach which means tangible shifts from the outset of therapy.”

“Catherine was recommended to me by a close friend that knew I had been struggling. My friend had sung her praises and told me Catherine had changed her life. At that point in my life I had nothing to lose and would try anything to get out of the dark hole I was living unhappily in. That phone call to Catherine to make my first appointment changed my life, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me get myself back”

“I have known Catherine for several years.  Even from the very start of her training she has inspired me with her style, sense of purpose and humility.  I have watched almost mesmerised, but not surprised by her rise to the very top of the Psychotherapy profession. Almost unheard of was her award of a Fellowship of the National Council of Psychotherapists in no more than four years of private practice.”

“Working with Catherine was a brave step to really examine myself. It became the moment to change my future. I was struggling with my identity as a south Asian woman and Catherine compassionately created a space for me. She allowed me to see possibilities and helped me to see the courage that exists in all of us. It was so great working with you”

“We invited Catherine to join our workshop as an expert speaker and she spoke from her personal and professional experience with great authority, compassion and clarity. She understood immediately what we wanted to get out of the session and worked closely with us to deliver an inspiring and enlightening interview. The client team thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her experiences, and many new understandings and ideas arose from this piece of work.”

“Catherine’s female focussed, friendly and empowering approach to therapy helped me open up about my inner demons, relationships and overall feelings on life. After weeks of discussing triggers, personal goals and coping strategies, I now feel like I’m ready to face the ‘new normal’ with emotional awareness and a new found confidence that Catherine has helped me build during our weekly sessions.”

“Honestly, if I’d only had the option of speaking to a stuffy intellectual psychotherapist or a timid un-sparkly one I don’t think I’d have sought any help at all. I needed someone who inspired me themselves – so thank you. Thank you for your support. If I could afford to pay for this kind of support forever – I would! But I feel that now at least I know what I’m aiming for and I’m feeling so much more connected to myself again now after a very strange couple of years.”

“My experience with Catherine has been life saving, quite literally, before going on this journey with her, there were times when I was seriously considering ending it all. After years of suffering with depression, anxiety and OCD, getting it all out in the open, understanding the why of my thoughts and actions, having someone understand what I was going through, I have finally gotten to a place where it no longer controls my life, I’m in control now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Thank you for helping me to see the light again in what felt like a very dark world”

“I sincerely hope my appreciation for your help over our sessions is clear, I genuinely spoke from my heart for the first time in my life. Your understanding, openness, empathy, acceptance and colourfulness radiates from you and is inviting and endearing. I have found a new way to embrace who I am and accept where I am at this time in my life and as a result I can see a way forward that involves pleasing MYSELF not others. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you which in turn has kicked started my journey into finding me and rocking my boat.”

“Catherine has made me see my self in a completely different way! A year ago I sat in an armchair crying, doubting myself, questioning my own self-worth and constantly allowing others to treat me badly, putting those people before my own happiness. I was trapped in a negative cycle which I had been caught up in since suffering a huge loss in my childhood. In 12 months Catherine has made me realise I am an incredible woman who deserves good in my life!”


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