Award Winning Psychotherapist and Impassioned Champion of Women and their Stories, with an Unequivocal Specialism in Bringing Sparkle Back.
My Approach

I'm a person centered therapist and I use an integrative approach - a combination of CBT, Psychoanalysis, Narrative Psychology and Mindfulness  - add to that my skills as a BIG thinker (I'm an ex-NHS Strategist) which when combined, is REALLY powerful stuff. 


I'm licensed to practice with the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP), and was awarded a Fellow from my professional body in 2019 for outstanding commitment to the profession.


I have a degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Effective Psychotherapy and CBT, a PGcert in Leadership and I'm currently on a Chartered Psychology PHD journey and will graduate with an MSc Psychology from Leeds University in 2021 and my BPS graduate status.

I'm fascinated by people.

About me

I'm a multi-award winning female focused Psychotherapist and impassioned champion of women and their stories. I've transformed hundreds of women and have spent thousands of hours inside the minds of women. The resident psychotherapist on the award winning Stephanie Hirst show on BBC Radio Leeds, columnist at Flock magazine, the resident well-being expert at John Lewis Leeds and featured expert in the national media. I'm UK based, but with a global client base.


Bringing Sparkle Back Therapy

Award winning Female Focused Therapy from the comfort of your own space, wherever you are in the world.


The Therapist Academy

Online Mentoring and supervision to help other Therapists thrive in Private Practice. 


The Inside

Speaking, writing, consulting, leading, psycho-educating and diving deeper into Female Mental Health. 


My Sparkle Graduates

It takes a brave and courageous woman to ask for help, and the end result is transformation on an epic scale. 

Why work with me?

There is no-one else like me in the world.  I am made up of a unique set of DNA and layered from unique lived experiences. My approach is a rich tapestry of me, my knowledge and my experience.

This is my passion, and it's my speciality. 


I've spent 1000's of hours inside the minds of women throughout all stages of womanhood.


I am licensed to practice as a Psychotherapist and a Fellow of the National Council Psychotherapists


I have 100's of Sparkle Graduates from 5 years in Private Practice with epic transformation stories.


I am multi-award winning, 100% Female Focused and I am an impassioned champion of women and their stories.

I am full of compassion and operate from a space of 'no judgement'. Bringing Sparkle Back IS my specialism.

"Catherine has made me see my self in a completely different way! A year ago I sat in an armchair crying, doubting myself, questioning my own self-worth and constantly allowing others to treat me badly, putting those people before my own happiness. I was trapped in a negative cycle which I had been caught up in since suffering a huge loss in my childhood. In 12 months Catherine has made me realise I am an incredible woman who deserves good in my life!

Bringing Sparkle Back 

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